What’s Going on with Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly? Insider Details on Their Relationship Struggles

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are purportedly making an attempt to resolve their issues after their romantic relationship and preparations for their wedding were postponed due to rumors of trouble brewing between them. The actress is having difficulties trusting the musician, although she has dismissed any allegations of infidelity, and the couple is currently undergoing therapy, according to an individual who spoke with People on March 25th.


The informant added that this situation is essentially coming down to their failure to mesh harmoniously. There have been times when the two have stopped communicating entirely, to illustrate how bad things have gotten. Media has attempted to contact Megan and MGK for a statement but has yet to receive a response.

According to a second individual who spoke with People, only the passage of time will reveal if the couple will fully reconcile, although it appears doubtful at present. The pair remain in contact and are currently attempting to address their difficulties, the informant added. The source stated that while Megan was initially enthusiastic about their romance, which was marked by a lot of volatility, the actress has had a complete change of heart since MGK, also known as Colson Baker, proposed to her.

“Megan was ecstatic when they became engaged. She truly adores him,” the insider stated. “She never approached dating casually, so she gave her all to their relationship. But she isn’t satisfied now. She removed her engagement ring a while ago, and she hasn’t put it back on.”

As per a report by Media News, Jennifer’s Body star Megan Fox was lauded as one of the most well-dressed celebrities at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on March 12, despite her absence from the event with her $400K diamond and emerald engagement ring and her significant other. Fans may recall that a few days later, MGK caused a stir when he rocked out vigorously with his guitarist, Sophie Lloyd, during a performance in Houston. Sophie had previously been implicated in the breakup rumors, as it was speculated that she had played a role in the turmoil, a claim she denied.

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