Mystery and Intrigue on The Young and the Restless: Phyllis Goes Missing and Summer Takes on a New Partner

Preview for the Week of April 10 – 14: Phyllis and Jeremy’s Revenge Scheme

The Young & Restless is set to deliver an explosive and heart-wrenching episode this week. In the upcoming episode, Phyllis and Jeremy continue with their vengeful plan, but it seems Phyllis may end up sabotaging their efforts. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to happen.

Credit: CBS

At the gala, Jeremy drops a bombshell and claims that Phyllis is his wife. The news spreads like wildfire, and everyone is left in shock, waiting for updates on the missing Phyllis. Chance eventually breaks the news that the ambulance involved in the car crash that killed Phyllis exploded, and she didn’t survive. He reveals that before her death, Phyllis had awoken in the ambulance and was clutching Diane’s engagement ring while whispering the word “poison” to the lone EMT survivor.

Stark demands that Chance investigate what happened to Phyllis before she died since she was threatened and assaulted by Diane in front of witnesses. Daniel refuses to believe that his mother willingly married Jeremy and holds him responsible for her death. On the other hand, Summer blames Diane and asserts that she wanted Phyllis dead for a long time.

Unknown to everyone, Phyllis is still alive and hiding out in a hotel suite with Jeremy. However, the reality of their plan begins to hit Phyllis as she realizes that she must stay “dead” and let her children believe she is gone forever. When Jeremy returns to the hotel room, Phyllis faces a dilemma – will she risk everything to attend her own funeral?

At Crimson Lights, Daniel is surprised to see Lucy and asks her how she got there. Meanwhile, Summer seeks Chance’s help in exposing her mother’s murderer, and the vial of Phyllis’ blood that the EMT drew and was paid off by Jeremy to help them with their scheme may be the key to solving the case.

Don’t miss out on this intense and emotional episode of the Young & Restless. Also, keep an eye out for new spoilers to learn who gives Nate an ultimatum.

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