“Abbott Elementary” Star Sheryl Lee Ralph Speaks Out: The Shocking Truth About Sexual Assault in Hollywood

In a shocking revelation, Sheryl Lee Ralph, a well-known actress with a long list of credits including TV series like “Abbott Elementary” and “Moesha,” and the Broadway musical “Dreamgirls,” recently opened up about a disturbing incident that occurred while she was on set.

During an episode of the “Way Up with Angela Yee” podcast, Ralph disclosed that a famous TV judge sexually assaulted her while they were both working for the same network. The assault took place in a public setting, and network executives who witnessed the incident not only failed to intervene but also actively encouraged Ralph to keep quiet about what had happened.

Ralph recounted how the man had grabbed her by the back of her neck, turned her around, and forcibly kissed her in a revolting manner. This traumatic experience left a lasting impact on Ralph and is a stark reminder of the pervasive nature of sexual assault and the systemic failures that often allow perpetrators to get away with such heinous acts.

Sheryl Lee Ralph, who is now 66 years old, did not provide any specific details about the identity of the person who allegedly sexually assaulted her, nor did she reveal which network or television series she was working on at the time of the incident. However, she did make it clear that the perpetrator was not her friend Judge Greg Mathis, a popular courtroom series star.

During her appearance on the “Way Up with Angela Yee” podcast, Ralph expressed her admiration for Mathis and emphasized that he was not the person who assaulted her. Instead, she identified the perpetrator as someone else entirely.

Ralph also revealed that she had made the decision to report the incident to then-Mayor of New Orleans, Marc Morial, who served from 1994 to 2002. However, network executives who witnessed the assault urged her to keep quiet and discouraged her from speaking out.

Despite the pressure she faced, Ralph decided to come forward about her experience in order to encourage other women and actors to stand up for themselves and speak out against sexual assault. She urged others to tell their truth and not to carry the burden of the pain in silence.

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