A Comprehensive Timeline of the Relationship between Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor, a lesbian couple

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor encountered each other initially at a gathering in 2005, but it was not until almost ten years later that they started dating again, thanks to social media.

In a November 2015 interview with WNYC’s Death, Sex & Money podcast, the Two and a Half Men celebrity suggested at her romantic relationship with Paulson, hinting that her current partner was substantially younger than herself, and it was her first “truly committed relationship.”

Taylor referred to her romance at the time as “the most beautiful, extraordinary thing that could have ever occurred to me.” While Taylor did not disclose the identity of her lover, the duo officially announced their relationship the following month.

Paulson and Taylor have been together since 2015, and during that time, they have shared romantic postings on social media that showcase the highlights of their relationship, including attending red carpet premieres and award seasons. From initially communicating through social media to supporting each other’s careers, here is a comprehensive timeline of Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor’s relationship.

At a social gathering in 2005, Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor had their first encounter.

During a dinner party in 2005, Paulson and Taylor initially met, but both were already involved in dedicated relationships at the time. In an interview with The New York Times in 2016, Paulson described Taylor as “the most stunningly gorgeous woman” she had ever seen.

Holland Taylor declared in an interview that she is in a romantic relationship with a younger woman.

During an interview with the radio station WNYC, Taylor disclosed that she was dating a considerably younger woman for the first time, but she did not reveal the identity of her partner. The actress then joked about the significant age difference, stating, “if she dies, she dies,” and acknowledged that it surprised even her.

This was also one of Taylor’s earliest instances of discussing her sexual orientation publicly. She confirmed her sexual orientation and explained that she did not feel the need to “come out” because she was already “out.”

On the occasion of her 80th birthday, Sarah Paulson wrote a heartfelt “love letter” to Holland Taylor as a tribute to their relationship.

On the occasion of Holland Taylor’s 80th birthday, Sarah Paulson wrote a heartfelt love letter to her partner and shared it on Instagram. She described Taylor sitting at the counter sipping chocolate coffee, and how she feels happiest when they are together.

Paulson acknowledged that when pondering the meaning of life and the impact one has, it can lead to uncertainty, but she expressed her gratitude for Taylor and the ways in which she has contributed to her life.

She stated that Taylor has altered her in all the major ways, and sharing her life with her partner has given her clarity and purpose. Paulson concluded by wishing Taylor a wonderful birthday and expressing her appreciation for her love, saying that she will never be the same because of her.

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